our mission

MadiK's mission, since its inception, has been to provide a healthier alternative to snacking by exploiting all the natural benefits of almonds. Although we offer different products we combine with almonds, our main ingredient is the almond and we emphasize its use in every product we make. California produces many almond varieties and each variety offers its own similar taste; we choose carefully the varieties of almonds we process to offer the most taste appealing.

We use only the finest ingredients in the processing of our products, from the oils we use to roast our almonds to the chocolate we use in our almonds confections. Quality in every product we offer!

Our Goals

At MadiK's we strive for perfection every day. Our company is dedicated not only to produce excellent almond products but is also socially an economically responsible with all its employees and local community. We endeavor to provide the best working environment for our employees and seek to support the safest working conditions. Below is a list of goals MadiK's pursues as a whole:

We believe our products and our way of conducting business should always be done with integrity and ethically; our business conduct should reflect the management's christian values. We are proud to be an all American Company with traditional business conduct.

Quality Assurance

By controlling and performing nearly every operation at our facilities, MadiK's is able to offer unique levels of quality control and assurance, flexibility, efficiency, and service.

Vertically Integrated

Since MadiK's is owned by almond farmers currently farming, we are able to control almost every aspect of our products; "from tree to mouth". See below: